Monday, 3 May 2010


Sorry, I've left writing this post for far too long to remember much detail on what happened.

I did mention to Janet that I seemed to be having a problem with my left leg, finding that in Circle it regularly tenses up, especially during meditations...... though lately I was finding that it would even tense up big time whilst I was just sat at the computer at home. It was obviously becoming a bit of a nuisance. She said that this week she would need me to remove my jeans and lay face down on the bed, so she could treat the back of the leg, as well as using the regular needles around my ankles for the hormonal balancing. She removed the pillow from the treatment bed, ripped a small hole in the covering where there was a hole in the bed, and explained that usually the most comfortable way to be treated this way up was to lay with my face through the hole and then place my arms either down by my sides or curving around my head, whichever I felt happiest doing. She then left the room whilst I got myself ready, laid on the bed and covered myself with the towel.

On returning, and after washing her hands, Janet proceeded to press certain points along the back of my leg and on my left buttock - one particular area on the buttock was definitely sensitive: not painful but certainly not comfortable. Janet said that there was definitely a problem there (she did tell me what and with which muscle but I can't remember the details) and that, if left, it would probably develop into sciatica. OK, I don't want that... treat away. LOL

She then said that she would have to roll my pants down a little so she could place the needles where they needed to be and asked if that was OK and I said yes..... though the thought of someone seeing all that cellulite made me cringe a tad. LOL She then placed needles in the small of my back, in my left buttock where it had been uncomfortable and down my leg along the muscle associated with it, as well as the usual ones around both ankles. If I remember rightly, she also placed the usual ones in my wrists and hands too. She then covered me with the silver thermal blankets (always makes me think of an oven ready turkey! LOL), put on the relaxing music, turned out the light and left me to relax.

Relax? Hhhhmmm, that was a little easier said than done. Laying with my face through the hole put pressure on certain areas on my face after a while and got uncomfortable and having my arms by my side seemed to make it worse.... but then my neck would ache if I propped my head on my arms, then my arms started to ache if I had them above my head for a change. Nope, not the comfiest or most relaxing session I've ever had, by far, and I was relieved when Janet came back in to remove the needles. Despite this something definitely happened to my left leg, as it would occasionally keep tensing up and relaxing through the treatment and it felt much more relaxed afterwards. It barely bothers me now, except when I'm in Circle (will explain that in another post) and I haven't had to have it treated again since. :0)

After removal of the needles Janet left me to get dressed and take the usual sips of water. When I was ready it was out to reception to pay and make my next appointment. I think I made my way straight home after this session, as it was later than usual and the market would have been on the point of closing.

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Julie said...

Lying on the front can be so uncomfortableand yet when i have the pains in my arms and legs during the night its the best relief i get lying like that