Friday, 30 April 2010


This week all but A were present and correct.... it really is looking like A is going to be a permanent drop out from the Circle. :0(

Aureen told us that this week we were to go ahead and do the meditation to meet out Power Animal (not waiting for A is a sure sign that Aureen also thinks she's not going to return). We were all quite excited about this, as it seems to have taken a while to get to this point. :0)

Firstly we passed around the Healing Book, adding names and pouring healing into it for all those named within. Then Aureen asked us if we knew what Power Animal's were and I asked if it was similar to the Native American Totem Animal - it is. She told us more about Power Animal's, their Shamanistic links and their role as Protector's and Guide's and the benefits we will gain from linking and working with them. We then went on to open up the Circle, protect ourselves, then open our Chakras.

The meditation: after grounding and opening our Chakras we began with tuning in to our breathing (in through the nose, out through the mouth) and letting each muscle in our bodies relax. We then had to really open our heart Chakra, then walk along the country lane to our safe place and go in. After walking over to the other side of our safe place we were to find a gate in the boundary and go through it, closing it behind. On the other side we were to visualise a path that led to a forest which we had to walk into and in the forest was a small clearing and to one side of this was a seat (either a fallen tree or log or similar) on which we had to sit. Whilst sitting there we heard rustling in the bushes and from behind the bushes would come our Power Animal: we were to greet him/her, ask their name and any questions we wanted. When we had our answers we were to thank them, say goodbye and watch them return into the forest, then we were to make our way back through the route we had come, slowly returning to our bodies.
When we had all taken sips of our water Aureen asked us how it had gone.
S1 had enjoyed the meditation. Initially she had seen a snake, then a swan and possibly another animal but she knew these weren't her Power Animal and they went away. Finally a deer (likened to Bambi) came towards her and she knew this was the one, though I don't think she discovered its name. She made a couple of other observations but I can't remember what they were now.

Sh had also enjoyed the meditation and had success, meeting a fox called Red. She asked questions and had replies, though some were personal and I can't remember the others.

S2 had really enjoyed this and what had happened to her was really different. When she walked through the gate to go to the forest it was suddenly a wintery snowscape, though she didn't feel cold. In the woods she had spotted a wolf peering from behind the trees but a voice had told her "Not yet", so she'd carried on to the seat. Her Power Animal appeared and he was a polar bear called Great White Spirit. She was delighted and had hugged him and lain on his back. I can't remember what questions she'd asked or her replies.

I was initially thrown with this meditation when, almost immediately the figure of my Dad started to form in front of me.... so thrown that I told him that I couldn't talk now as it wasn't the right time, I had to do the meditation! (I told my DSis and she said: poor Dad, when he'd come all that way! LOL). Why is it that these things happen when they're not supposed to, but when they are... they don't?! I felt awful about doing that and it took me a bit to get into the meditation proper, so the visualisation wasn't that great, mostly quick images and still photographs. The gate at the other side of my safe place wasn't - it was a wooden stile that I climbed over. The path started as a cobbled one (think The Shambles in York) to the edge of the forest, then it was a pine needle strewn one going through the giant redwoods. My seat was a fallen tree, though not a redwood... something much smaller. Whilst waiting for my PA I had a fleeting image of a barn owl but, as I explained to everyone, I have a bit of a thing about owls and barn owls especially, so I thought it could be because of that, so I asked for my PA again. I was a bit stunned at the next image, as it was........ an elephant called Wisdom. The weirdness of seeing an elephant emerging from behind giant redwood trees took some getting over, I can tell you. LOL I felt her name answered my question about what she was there to teach me and what I was to learn from her... I also got a feeling that was a mix of calmness, gentleness, acceptance and stoic resolution...... almost as if the feeling wrapped around me in a gentle hug.

G had also enjoyed the meditation, visualising well and her PA was a tiger. I can't remember if she was given a name or not. She did hesitate with this initially, as she wasn't too sure if some of it was suggestion, after a couple of experiences she'd had on two night's during the previous week: she'd woken up and actually seen a tiger cub, with its front paws on her bed and looking at her. When she asked her PA about it he told her it was the young ones being playful and curious, wanting to meet her. How lovely was that? :0) She immediately said that she thought the tiger was to give her courage.
Aureen regularly works with her Power Animal's. One of hers is a deer - unfortunately I can't remember what she said the other one was.

We then went on to open for a short clairvoyance session. I can't remember the bulk of it now but, as I always do, had jotted down (in my special book) what I'd received and what had been received for me. I'd seen an image of something sparkly and initially couldn't tell if it was either a water fountain or a Christmas tree, so asked for it to be shown more clearly: it was a Christmas tree, with lots of sparkly lights over it. I didn't know what it was about but did feel that it was for Sh. Aureen said that perhaps something is to happen around Christmas time for her.
G saw a man in casual clothes, describing him as not scruffy looking but far from being in his best clothes.... gardening clothes, she felt, as he'd had a pair of secateurs in his hand, and he was in his 70's. I smiled, as I thought it was Dad.... having been turned away by me, now trying to communicate through G. That idea was soon knocked on the head though, as she said she got the name of Ted. It didn't ring any bells, so I said I'd ask my DSis and get her to ask the Uncle's.... the fount of all knowledge on family history.

As we were closing ourselves and the Circle down I got one final image: I saw my Spirit Guide, though this time he was wearing one of those beaded breastplates over his chest. We were given some homework this week: we were to write a poem or piece about our Power Animal, to be read out in Circle the following Tuesday. It was to give us the opportunity to link with and learn more about them, their attributes and what we felt we could learn from those attributes and how they could be of use in our day to day lives, as well as Spiritually. It should prove interesting. :0)

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How lovely that you have been able to see your guide