Friday, 28 November 2008


Last Saturday I went for my first proper Reiki session at the Earth Energies Clinic which is just a few minutes walk down the local High Street. I'm not sure quite what I was expecting but it certainly wasn't what happened. :0)

Aureen, the practitioner, introduced herself and gave me the gist of what she was going to do and asked me to take note of any sensations or feelings I may have, then asked me to remove all metal I could: off came my rings, a necklace, a bracelet with a metal tag and also my glasses. I then laid on a therapy bed, was covered with a fleecy blanket, the blind closed to darken the room, a CD of relaxing music put in the machine and the treatment began.

Initially I laid there with various thoughts tripping through my head: could do with a poster on the ceiling; wonder if I'll feel anything?; how long have I been here so far?; will I get any benefit from this? etc etc. She placed her hands under my head for a while - shortly after I suddenly had to close my eyes, felt myself relax and then give myself over to whatever was happening. I was vaguely aware of Aureen as she slowly moved to work on different parts of my body, gently touching some areas: head, feet, face, heart and solar plexus chakras. Normally I'm very careful about who invades my personal space but I didn't mind her touch at all and had total trust in her - very unusual, especially as this was the first time I'd ever met her.

Some time later Aureen lightly touched my shoulder, gently called my name and asked if I was OK. OK? I was so relaxed I'd almost fallen asleep and was slurring my words so much initially I told her it felt like I'd had a few drinks! She helped me sit up and gave me a glass of Evian water to sip on. Had I felt anything? Well, through most of the session I kept getting the distinct impression there was someone standing over to the right of the table, near the corner of the room, and occasionally it sounded like there was more than Aureen gently walking around in there. I was also thoroughly relaxed, more than I've ever felt in a very long time.

Explanation: the presence I sensed over by the corner was my Guardian Angel, and she's a lovely, pink angel. Funnily enough, though I'm not a pink person and it's far from my favourite colour, for a while now I've been looking for a small carved rose quartz angel to keep in the house, rose quartz being pink and a gentle, loving crystal - not come across one I am drawn to yet, so still haven't bought one, but I'll know it when I find it. Aureen works with angels and she says they were waiting for her to arrive at the clinic that day, eager to work, and all the sessions had gone really well. I told her about the Aura photographer telling me I needed to ask the angels to take me to a healing room to give me much needed. I had asked and it very much looks like my prayers were answered. :0)

What I didn't tell her was that at one point I forced my eyes open to check where she was. It felt like there was someone stood at my head and at my feet but when I looked Aureen was stood by my side, working on my heart and solar plexus chakras. Mentally shrugging and totally unfreaked I just closed my eyes and gave myself over to the treatment again.

What should have been an hours session went on for an hour and a half and it honestly didn't feel like it at all. Aureen explained the reason it took longer: imagine a ball of yarn but instead of wool it's actually made up of tightly wound black elastic that is sat between my heart and solar plexus chakras and that elastic is all the guilt, anger, grief and similar negative emotions that I'm carrying around with me. Trying to remove it was hard work - as fast as she tried to pull it out from me it snapped back because I kept pulling it back, not ready to let go. She called on Archangel Michael to help and started again: as she pulled out the negative elastic strands He cut them off. Unfortunately it's so deeply entrenched they couldn't get it all, so Aureen said I would benefit from a further treatment should I wish it.

Sounds too weird for you? Then look at it this way: over the last few years I've let myself sink deeply into a pattern of negative thought processes that have built up and caused dis-ease to my whole system - this is now manifesting itself in actual physical symptoms (raised blood pressure etc), so I'm literally making myself ill. For the sake of my health and general well-being I now need to accept all that has happened, especially concerning the loss of my parents, and that it all happened as it was meant to; to acknowledge that I can't change anything, so regularly mulling over it is pointless and damaging, and, finally, I need to let go of all that negativity.

Though I'd already worked all this out for myself knowing it's time to let go and actually doing so are two entirely different matters, much easier said than done. Having someone else point it out reinforces the realisation though and whatever Aureen (and the angels) did seems to be working nicely - I was literally buzzing with energy for days afterwards (unfortunately sleep deprivation, due to DH being away in Italy, has taken the edge off that somewhat now. LOL).

I would heartily recommend having a Reiki treatment to anyone - you don't have to believe in angels and chakras or anything like that to feel the benefit of what is a very positive and relaxing experience. Oh and though I am a Pagan I do believe in angels...... they're not solely a Christian concept. :0)

After the treatment Aureen then went on to give me both a Tarot and Angel card readings - again I got way more than I bargained on but in a very positive way. More about that in another post though, as this is already quite a long one. :0)



jane said...

Very interesting account Karan - I am very interested in the idea of a Reiki treatment but not sure how to go about it.

Julie said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit, something i would have liked.

Karan .. i have a job reading this blog with the fussy background, its making the words all blurred for me ... sorry

Karen said...

sounds like your visit to Aureen has done you some good
looking forward to hearing how your other readings went