Monday, 1 December 2008


When I felt more like my usual self I sat at a table so Aureen could start her readings. To start with she asked if I could give her something to hold that was mine, so I handed her a ring that I've worn for well over 10 years and that's hardly ever been off my finger in that time. This type of reading is known as Psychometry.

She then told me that my Dad was there, that he'd actually walked in the room with me but she had asked him to wait to speak until after the Reiki session. What came from that reading was that Dad, although not happy at having had to leave us, is happy where he is, as he is with Mum again. He came back because he was worried about me and to tell me it was time to let go of all the anger and grief, that he was looking at things from a different perspective now and that everything happened as it was supposed to. I was to stop making myself ill over it all and let it all go. There was mention of a picture of my Mum and Dad where they were happy and smiling - I knew straightaway it was the one I have on the mantelpiece - and that was how we were to remember them both from now on. We were also to make sure we got our homes decorated up for the festive season (my efforts were half-hearted after Mum passed away and have been less than that since Dad passed, so he got me with that) and make sure we got together and had a party - we were to be happy and have fun because that's how he liked to see us. There were certain characteristics about him she picked up on and mentioned which confirmed for me that Dad was there: how he liked to keep busy, even when he was ill; his straight talking, no nonsense style; his sense of fun; care for his family and similar things.

The name Harry was mentioned and she also asked if someone worked with sheep. I didn't recognise the name and couldn't think of any sheep connection (apart from a family joke but I wasn't explaining that one! LMAO) but my DSis has since confirmed that Dad used to talk about his Uncle Harry and that an Aunt and Uncle used to have a farm and had some sheep. It's not the first time a medium has been able to tell me something about my family/ancestry that I didn't know about at the time but was confirmed later by a family member.

There were mesages concerning my DS: she asked if he'd been looking for another job, as she could see he was unsettled and that there was a lot of negativity around him at the moment. Only the night before DS had come in and announced that he was so fed up with the lousy atmosphere at work and with how slow it was that he'd had enough and was going to start looking for another job! She said he should try and hang on in there until after Christmas but in the meantime he needed to protect himself from all the negativity swirling around him. 2009 is going to be a challenge for him but it will also stretch him and that is what he needs. He would finally find his place and would be much happier. So much was right there: it's boring where he is, even when there's plenty of work to do, and they're not making the most of his skills either, but now it's quietened off because of the "slump" (let's be honest - it's a recession!) he's way beyond bored now. The general feeling is that there will probably be some job losses early next year anyway: one, possibly two, from the yard and one from the office - DS already thinks he'll be the one from the office. Fingers crossed all goes well for the coming year and he does finally find his niche. :0)

There were a couple of messages from Mum and more from Dad but I'm struggling to remember everything and some I'd prefer to keep to myself. :0)

The Tarot card reading was next and I chose my thirteen cards. Lots more came out in the reading, with many of the cards underlining much of what had been said during the psychometry reading and what was talked about after the Reiki session. It never ceases to amaze me just how accurate the cards are.

I shall be more general here, as there was an awful lot of information given: DH and I would become even closer; DS was to hang on to his money because he would need it, to see him through his challenging year; moneywise we will be comfortably off and I shall see some money coming to me next year (thankfully not via an inheritance - I don't want anyone dying for that to happen!); we shall be travelling in the next 3 to 4 months, within this country and for a positive reason (wonder where we're going?); we'll be needing a workman, probably to fix something, around March; I need to stand back, count my blessings and let go of all the negatives (I regularly count my blessings - am working on letting go); 2009 will be better for me and there'll be changes for the positive, I just need to get out there (again, working on it); balance with money and everything else will be achieved by midsummer; I need to stick to what I believe in and stand up for what I believe (this could be interpreted in many ways but I think I know the gist of what it's referring to); a strong connection to Earthly things, fertility (mentioned I need to plant more flowers to attract more wildlife to my garden and spend more time out there - I certainly do feel much better when I can get out there but it's not exactly the weather for that at the moment!), it also refers to new things and new opportunities to make my life more fertile; lots of opportunities will open up to me soon but I'll need to be selective as "all that glitters is not gold", so only go for the best; the last card was the Queen of Swords and Aureen saw her as me, growing and becoming the strong person the card represents.

Next came the Angel card reading.
  1. Answered prayer: my prayers would be answered, although not quite in the way that was expected. (I know all about that already, it's why I refrain from spellwork to achieve things - the Universe tends to have a warped sense of humour, giving that wished for in a way that is usually designed to teach us a lesson).

  2. Power: using my own, to pick myself up and use it to achieve things - asking Archangel Michael to help when I want to go out on my own;

  3. Forgiveness: I wrote "others and myself" before she spoke - she confirmed it. It's all wrapped up with the loss of my parents;

  4. Celebrations: referring to the family Christmas etc mentioned by Dad, to bring in light, peace and love;

  5. Children: release the child in me and have fun (wonder if that's some of what's behind me buying that drum! LOL);

  6. Nature: get out into Nature when I can, planting, going walking with my DH;

  7. Ideas and Inspiration: I need to put my ideas and inspiration into action so my life can grow and benefit from them;

  8. Blessings: to let me know that I have them;

  9. Retreat: although I need to get out more etc there are also times when I do need to retreat and switch off occasionally, to recharge myself, so I need to do this (but not to such an extreme in future LOL. As I'm a typical Cancerian I do recognise that);

  10. New Beginnings: these are being brought in, along with new ways of dealing with things;

  11. Guardian Angel: she was there and this was to tell me to invite her into my life and to work with her;

  12. Self-Acceptance: acknowledge who I am and accept myself for it, warts and all.

Again this all reinforced much of what had gone before. The final comment was for me to plant that picture of my Mum and Dad in my mind and to carry it in my heart. :0)

During the readings we also spoke of things that related to various cards. At one point Aureen asked if I was looking for a Development Circle. I told her that, weirdly enough, it wasn't that long ago that I'd told DH that if I was ever going to do the things I want to do, to develop in the way I would like to along my Path, I couldn't expect everything to come to me. Staying cooped up in the house couldn't continue - I had to get out into the world again, so those opportunities could start to happen. I feel the Universe was listening, as this was one of a number of things that happened that seems to have led me to being in that room, meeting Aureen.

I'll admit there were a few tears at the start of the psychometry reading, as it was very emotional (and unexpected, as I had no idea she was a Spiritualist), but overall the experience was a very positive one that left me feeling much happier and looking forward to what 2009 will bring. :0)


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I'm glad you had a nice meeting with this lady, sounds like some good things/changes for 2009