Wednesday, 9 June 2010


This week we were to do a basic 3-card tarot spread for ourselves using our own set of cards.

Aureen talked a little about the cards and how to prepare ourselves and the cards for a reading, so we would know what to do should we also wish to give readings to others.... something she said would be good practice for us, if we were given the opportunity. Preparation involved invoking protection, opening our Chakras and meditating, allowing us to hold the cards in our hands and visualise them being washed in white light, thus ridding the cards of any vibration from ourselves or previous clients. She always starts a reading by telling the client that she isn't a fortune teller and that the cards are there as a tool, to show possible paths, and allowing us to make decisions and choices or presenting another view - nothing is set in stone, as we have free will and some things can be changed by this. She would then give the cards to the clinet to shuffle or, if reading for herself, shuffle them herself. When this has been done she takes the top three cards from the deck for a basic three card spread reading. For a bigger reading you can fan the cards in front of you and ask the client (or choose yourself) as many cards are needed for whichever type of reading you are doing.

We then opened up the Circle, protected ourselves, opened our Chakras and meditated: this involved tuning in to our breathing, then focusing on our third eye and throat Chakras (to awaken all psychic senses to receive information from Spirit, as well as from the cards). We had to visualise a triangle, with the point at third eye level, the sides running through our inner ears and the base going through our throat Chakra, then pulling energy into the triangle. This done we then set about cleansing the cards, shuffled them and pulled the top three cards from the deck.

Unfortunately I can't remember the bits I haven't written down. Each of us had a different Tarot deck, so many of the cards had different pictures on them: I don't have their cards to act as a memory jogger and it's hard to show the meaning when I can't post a photo of the exact cards they pulled. I think I'll stick to just posting my own pics when I do posts about the Circle nights that we do Tarot or other card readings. Much easier on my brain! LOL

My own cards were:

I felt The Lord, though he looked a little severe, was strong in his masculine power. His horns represent the Horned God, Cernunnos, Lord of the Hunt. The eagle is a reminder of Cerridwen, the feminine aspect, when she became an eagle to chase Taliesin and force him into transforming, to use his newly gained powers. I felt that it was telling me I was now strong. Some of the girls have seen the eagle in messages for me, symbolising my new-found freedom.
The Eight of Swords shows a woman tied and blindfolded and hemmed in by swords, unsure of where to step. I felt I had been unsure of what step to take next along my Path but felt I did now, as the Shamballah Healing Course was making me realise I do want to develop the healing side..... though was still unsure of the direction to go after the course.
I felt the Four of Wands was a positive and happy card, as the swathes made me think of betrothals and weddings and the hearth and home image is strong - something which features strongly and is important in my life, and always has been. I was unsure of the overall message of the cards though.

Aureen's reading of the cards: I'm now strong and have the energy to do what I want; I need to be aware and looking around, so I can see all the options available - be mindful; good/happy card to finish on, as it represents a positive future/happenings/events.... I'll be happiest when doing Spiritual work. I should always do some kind of Spiritual work but always be open and aware of all the opportunities that are around me.

I felt this went to show that I was now on the right Path.... and that the Eight of Swords was telling me that I can't be open and aware if I allow myself to be hemmed in the house for most of the week..... or allow myself to be hemmed in by certain outdated mindsets that create limitations for myself. An open mind will allow me to fly as free as that eagle! :0)

When each of us had looked at all of our card readings and given our interpretations, then had Aureen's reading of them, we put our cards away and went on to open up for clairvoyance. Again, I can't remember the bulk of this as I've had too many sleeps and lots of other things have happened since. :0)

What I have noted is that Sh said she got the name Bernard for me and when she asked he wouldn't give her any more information and said: Karan will know, she'll find out. I laughed and said: Oh, great - so now I'm getting homework from the Spiritworld! Right... I'll go ask the Uncles again. LOL The girls were laughing at this.

I'm assuming I didn't get anything for anyone, as there are no notes. After all the messages had been given we went through our usual closing procedures.

After driving home, with DH as passenger, I rang DSis and told her about Bernard - the name didn't ring a bell with her but she was seeing one of the Uncle's on her day off and was phoning the other one the following evening, so she said she'd ask...... then said she hoped that, as she was doing my homework for me, that it would gain her brownie points with the Spiritworld. LOL So now I wait for her to let me know what the results of this is.

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Nice cards from your own tarot deck.

I think most folks reading this are only interested in what what relevant for you. Me, i'm nosey LOL