Monday, 7 June 2010


This week Aureen gave us the news we were all expecting: A isn't rejoining us, as changes in her OH's and ex's shifts have meant neither can babysit for her; she also felt that she'd already missed so much she was far enough behind for it to be a problem, in that she probably wouldn't be able to catch up and she also didn't want to feel like she was holding us back. Such a shame, as she has a natural gift that will only get better with the practice... but I guess it's a case of it not yet being the right time for her. Hopefully that will change in the future and she'll be able to come back to it. :0)

This week we held the Circle sat around the table. After opening the Circle, grounding ourselves and opening our Chakras S1 brought her scarab out of her bag, so we could do psychometry on it. Unfortunately it all happened so long ago I can't remember much of what happened and only have my notes on what I got to go on.

I didn't see anything, just got a sweet, sort of fudgey smell as I held it. S2 picked up a small, cramped workshop, felt it had been a gift rather than having bought it herself and a few other things.
S1 told us that she had been in a shop in the bazaar area where her OH was buying various bits and pieces (he's a bit of a collector, from the sounds of things) when she'd spotted and immediately fell for the scarab. She was going to buy it for herself but the shop owner, as her OH had bought several pieces, decided to give it to "the pretty lady". The shop had been in an area where all kinds of herbs, spices and resins had also been for sale (my sweet, fudgey smell). Not alot for me but it was a hot.... S2, as always, picked up the most and was very accurate. :0)

We were going to them open up for clairvoyance but S2 had thought we were all to bring something to do psychometry on and had brought a flower with her. She asked Aureen if we could do some psychometry on it for her, so there was a slight change of plan to accommodate this.

They were very pretty polyanthus in a reddish orange colour. I think S1 felt they were given as a gift and had a view of S2 as a little girl, very happy and a few other things (can't remember). Can't even remember if G was there - think she was, but if she was I can't remember what she saw. I just got the words: They're for you, Mummy. I took this to mean that her DD had picked them and given them to her..... but it wasn't until later that I realised her DD isn't a little girl but a 17 year old!
Sh saw an elderly gentleman in a garden, S2 as a little girl and several other things I can't remember.
Can't remember what Aureen saw but remember she said that they were tinged with both happiness and sadness.
S2 said that we were all right, in a way, and enlightened us: the elderly gentleman was her Dad. The flowers had been bought and planted in her garden, by her Dad as a thank you for looking after him after her Mum had passed away - tragically, her Dad passed away suddenly, joining her soon after this. The flowers are planted where S2 can see them whenever she looks out of her kitchen window - and every time she sees them she remembers her parent's but they also make her smile, as they are such happy-looking little flowers.

We then opened for clairvoyance. I didn't get anything for anyone during this.
I can't remember what everyone got for everyone else as I only have the notes I made of what was given to me, as a reminder so that I can check relevant details and report back on hits.

S1 saw me walking on a flinty type area up a mountain but couldn't quite get the name, saying that it sounded something like Scarfeld or Scaffold. She said I was really enjoying myself and up ahead, turning back to tell the other people I was with to hurry up and catch up - she said they were amazed and couldn't get over how well I was doing.  I asked if the flint could actually be slate and she said yes, something like that, so I said that it could well be Scafell Pike.... we are going to be going on holiday to the Lake District again this year, though I hadn't currently got any plans to do quite such a strenuous walk. LOL

Sh saw me in a kitchen, making a cup of tea, where there was a wooden table. Then there were lots of other people around me, all having cups of tea or coffee, as if it were a coffee morning. She felt that it wasn't so much something I would literally be doing but more representative of how far I'd come. It was something I couldn't have considered before (in my agoraphobic/panic attack state) but was ready for now.
As an aside: I have, kind of, done something similar to this since Sh saw it - a group of us making hot drinks in Jan's kitchen, whilst attending the Shamballah Healing Course, and going to sit at a wooden table... though that was a round one and not square. :0)

Aureen said that she felt I was becoming more confident and really coming into my power now and that, as I realised this and worked with that power, I would work with Spirit fully. They are there, waiting - I just have to ask them to come closer. Meantime I just need to keep on with the practising and meditation.
Some of this is already beginning to happen, as I seem to be getting more things at home at the moment, and I mentioned having especially vivid dreams.... which I've been amking sure I write down in my special notebook. Aureen was pleased with that and said to make sure I carried on with that and that it was also something we should all be doing.

After some chat about what had been received we went on to close down and close the Circle. No idea what happened after that as it was too long ago for me to remember. :0)

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