Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Saturday morning and the time for my Reiki treatment came round and saw me heading out of the door on my own with barely a second thought about it. How good that felt!

After a quick chat with Jan I went through to the treatment room. The first thing Aureen told me was some disappointing news: not only has the woman who said she couldn't find a babysitter not bothered contacting again, which probably means she's decided it's not for her, but A has decided to drop out too, due to studying for her Stage 3 Reiki and feeling the group would be too much as well. The group can't go ahead with just me and Aureen so it has to be put on hold for now. I said it was disappointing but had learnt over the years not to get upset when things like this happen, as they usually happen for a reason....... and what subsequently comes along instead turns out to be better anyway. Aureen felt the same and that it would eventually happen, then explained that it was probably due to her own circumstances that it's happened this way: her poor Mum had a fall last Thursday night and broke her hip, so she needs to concentrate on her for a while. Seems a clear case of the Universe stepping in, to me, so she can give her Mum the help and attention she needs. :0)

Aureen then asked how I'd been so I told her about the recent change in meds due to the stomach problems, that it was helping but I still had the occasional mood dips. Also about the latest weight loss, plus having practised the techniques we went through on Tuesday night. Once I'd taken off my jewellery, specs and hair scrunchie I laid on the bed, it was adjusted to the correct height and the fleecy blanket placed over me, then Aureen went to wash her hands. Once again I felt myself start to relax and the need to close my eyes, though this time as it happened I offered a silent prayer and asked the Archangel Metatron to be with us and aid in the treatment, as per the Oracle Card.

The relaxation music on, the treatment began. The main thing that was noticeably different throughout the treatment was how much hotter Aureen's hands felt, as normally it's only when she works on my head that I feel it. Tingly soles of feet from grounding again and swirls of purple and Spring green with orange being noticeable and yellow appearing. This time I got the impression of birds a couple of times and angel wings, with the word "Angel" swimming through my head several times, then Pam and I actually saw the word Pamela in my minds eye. When Aureen placed her hand on my third eye and solar plexus chakras I felt a short pulse of energy run through my body, followed by indigo blue swirling among the purple colour for the first time from then on.

A little later Aureen was working down by my feet but I again felt that someone was standing to my left and felt the urge to raise my left hand, which I did this time - it felt like a strong magnet was pulling it up. I suddenly felt very tearful and tears actually started to run slowly from behind my closed eyelids. Then I felt I had to lift my right hand, which felt like a lead weight. After staying like this for a short while I felt whatever the reason for this had been it had been achieved and let them drop, straightaway feeling a big surge of energy wash through me from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. After this I had to wipe away the occasional tears but my hand felt fine then - no lead weight feeling to it at all. As Aureen came around towards my left upper body again the room suddenly became really bright: OK I know the sun kept coming out but this was bright, so I opened my eyes to check. Yup, sunny but not overly so - closed my eyes and bright white light was there again. Nothing to worry about, just relaxed back into the remainder of the session. When Aureen had completed the treatment she touched my shoulder, said my name and asked how I was - I opened my eyes and, despite the occasional tears, wanted to giggle like a child.

Handing me a tissue, Aureen then asked if I felt her hands had been hot today, so I told her they had been and all through the treatment - she said she felt her whole body had been hot too, with the energy. She then asked if I was OK and why I cried. I couldn't really explain it or give a reason why: I told her about the impression of someone being there again and needing to raise my hand but I hadn't actually felt anything hold it when I held it up - the word that came to mind was Release...... I felt I'd let something go. (Thinking about it now I feel that then raising both hands was reinforcing this and then showing acceptance for whatever was to come next). I told her about the pulse or wave that surged through my body after lowering my hands and she said it was good: for the first time during a treatment she had felt me actually pulling in the healing energy, which I needed to do.

The birds: once again she saw me wandering through the wood to the leafy glade and there being lots of birds and wild animals there. She asked if I liked wild animals: I do and have realised that I have much more of an affinity with the wild things of the world than with pets and think that the glade is my own internal sacred space or safe haven. :0) I mentioned Pam and she asked if I knew someone in Spirit with the name: yes, Mum's adopted sister, my Aunty Pam (full name Pamela) - she passed away in her late 30's/early 40's from bowel cancer. Seeing more colours is a sign that the work on my chakras is producing results already and Aureen said she felt they were clearer and working better than before. As for the third eye/solar plexus surge and indigo colour: after her barely being aware of my third eye in all the previous sessions, for the first time ever she could feel that it was active. A good sign for further development, methinks! As for the bright light: Aureen said she wasn't surprised as she had felt that all through the treatment we had been surrounded by a ball of white light.

Reviewing everything I told her I felt that the main words that covered this session were Intense and Release. The whole experience was certainly more intense than it had ever been before and perhaps that was due to my finally releasing whatever needed to go........ though, at the moment, I still couldn't say exactly what that was. Though I was tearful it was a positive and uplifting experience and I've certainly felt much lighter in my soul since then.

As for the Angels: Aureen works with them in her healing work, so she knows they are there. Aureen didn't know (and still doesn't because I didn't mention it) that I called on Archangel Metatron for help before she began and subsequently had the most intense healing treatment yet. Coincidence...... or something more? I know what I think. :0)


Julie said...

Sounds like a wonderful session and you were really receptive to everything.

Tears are good, this sometimes happens in relaxation after a yoga class

Sheilasembroidery said...

Sounds a really good session. Reiki is so powerful when it goes well.

Lynn said...

oh sounds like a really good session Karan. You've been quite busy while I've been MIA, its lovely to read it all in one go and see the difference it's making to you :)