Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Ribbon Readings

Since attending P's Circle and workshops and the monthly workshops at the Spiritualist Church I've been learning new ways of doing readings for people, using my psychic skills. One of my favourite methods, along with psychometry, is doing a Ribbon Reading.

There are no set rules about what kind of ribbons should be used, or colours or textures - in fact, the more varied your mass of ribbons are the better. P uses a bag full of ribbons she picked up from all over the place and D, who runs the Spiritualist Church workshops, brought in a bag full of ribbons he'd randomly selected and bought from a seller on Amazon! LOL

I think how you read them depends on the preferred technique/s of the person who is teaching you, rather than due to any hard and fast rules, as both P and D used slightly different methods.

For the first reading I did at P's: the heap of ribbons was plonked on the floor in the middle of the room and we were each asked to select three ribbons that we were particularly drawn to. Once the ribbons were selected we had to hold them a little while, then see who we felt drawn to, then begin giving what we were sensing/receiving. I felt drawn to C, a lovely lady who also goes to the Spiritualist Church, & proceeded to give her what I was getting.
For another reading I did at P's: we each had to select those ribbons we were drawn to (usually about three), then we were to look around the Circle and see which ribbons we were drawn to, then take those ribbons and give a reading from them.

For the readings I've done at D's workshop: the first time we each had to pick the ribbons we were drawn to and then handle them a little while, then swapped ribbons with the person sat to our left and do readings for each other.
For another reading: we all chose our ribbons, all passed them to the person sat to our left and then took it in turns to do a reading.

None of these methods is better or worse than the other, they're just different ways of achieving the end result: giving a reading by using ribbons as a method of tuning in to what your intuition is picking up and to what your Guides or Spirit are relaying to you. How that information is received is a bit more difficult to explain and I guess different people have different ways of working (again, there's no right or wrong way - just the way that suits and works for you).

What I have noticed is that everyone who handles ribbons whilst giving a reading usually holds one end of them in their non-dominant hand and then regularly runs the ribbons through their fingers on their dominant hand... for me it's partly to get a "feel" for the ribbons (silky/smooth/rough/bumpy etc) and also look at them (shiney/dull/smooth/plain/patterned etc). As I'm doing this the rational/thinking part of my brain (the bit you use for every day functioning/planning etc) seems to "step back" and I feel calmer, which is something I refer to as "getting into the zone" - from what I've rad about how our brains work, this is probably when I switch over from left brain (every day functioning) to right brain (creative/imaginative side). At this point I usually find that I sort through the ribbons and place some together and some apart... when that's done I usually start giving the reading. Once I start to speak it just seems to flow out.

As for where this information comes from, I'm hard-pressed to say for definite, to be honest, as I've not really analysed it before. Here's my best explanation:

Some of it, with being mainly clairsentient, I feel, as in physical sensations: if someone is tense I feel their tenseness - usually up the back of my neck; if they are stressed my shoulders get tight or my head feels headachey or tight; if they're nauseous I get nauseous; if they've got a lot on their mind my head feels "whirly" or dizzy... or I start to continually wrap the ribbons round and round my fingers.
As I look at the ribbons I get further information: ribbons that were all different colours but exactly the same type told me that the person felt they needed some regular routine/uniformity in their life, as things felt out of control; the colours give clues too, as black can mean they are feeling depressed or are grieving over something (eg loss of a person, end of a relationship), red can mean love or passion, pink being the gentler version, or anger; green can mean a need for healing or that the person is a healer - or both; blue can mean communication - possibly arguments, or someone not speaking up for themselves. The list goes on - and sometimes, just to make it more complicated, what one colour meant in one reading will sometimes mean something totally different in another.
Sometimes I "hear" (clairaudience) information - this I feel is generally input from my Guide or from Spirit - which is received by my "inner" ears and will clarify or expand on something I've said, or felt.
Occasionally I will "see" a picture with my minds eye (third eye), or even written words, that will give further information.

The knack in a reading is to be open and aware to all of this input.. what I'm feeling, what I'm hearing, what I'm seeing and what I'm sensing, and trusting in it all so I am giving what I'm getting. Throughout this time I'm not thinking about or analysing anything but just letting the words and everything else flow through me. I've realised that giving this type of reading is also a good way of fine-tuning the same senses/abilities that are used when opening to Spirit, to give messages to loved ones... it would be nice to have the opportunity to do them more often, for the practice, but also because they are fun to do too. :0)

I hope this has helped to shed some light on what this type of reading involves.


Julie said...

How lovely to be able to use a crafting item. I always fiddle with ribbons or cord on garments, seems reassuring somehow.

I wonder if it would work with ribbons being sent to you in the post, or if they would loose the 'feelings' with the envelope being touched by so many others? mmmm maybe a test needs to be tried out lol

Rachael G said...

I myself would just love to play with all the pretty ribbons.