Thursday, 13 August 2009


I had my Reiki session with Aureen back on the 7th August and I felt the need of it, as I seemed to have developed a bad case of post-holiday blues........ and I wasn't too sure if the new medicine mix is suiting me all that well either.

As is usual Aureen took me through to the treatment room and asked me how things were going: I told her about the holiday blues - they have confirmed my long held belief that I should be living in the Lake District, as I am so much happier and contented when I'm there. The peace suits me and something about the place nourishes my soul. I also told her what I'd been doing that week: I'd finally sorted through the two cases containing my Mum's clothes, putting some in the charity bag, some that weren't too big I've put to one side as I'll wear them and some went back in the case, along with some of my too-big clothes, to go back to my DSis's, for her to try on - she'll keep what fits/suits and take the rest to the Bluebell Wood Hospice collection van at the Outlet. This was a big step forward...... those cases have been sat there since I brought them back to my house after my Mum passed away. I'd only been into them once before, the summer after she passed, when I got a couple of dresses and tops out to wear - I was seriously short of summery clothes and I guess I needed the comfort too.

Aureen was pleased I'd done this and, even though it had been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride at the time, I'm pleased I have too. It wasn't exactly looming over me but it was certainly one of those things that needed to be done but I just kept putting off. The time felt right, it's done....... another step forward in my healing has been achieved. :0)

I laid on the treatment bed, was covered in the fleecy blanket and the session began, after Aureen had washed her hands and come back into the room. Again I just had to close my eyes.

So what happened in this session? At the start of the session, when Aureen went to my feet and was grounding me, in preparation for opening my chakras, I suddenly felt someone walk past on my left side, going from my feet towards my head - one of those definite, almost feel a draught kind of movements. Initially I assumed it was Aureen so didn't open my eyes to check...... only to quickly realise that no, her hands were still firmly on my ankles. OK - maybe I should have opened my eyes.... maybe I'd have seen an Angel. :0)

There was heat from Aureen's hands and the buzz in my ears when she worked on my head; an image of trees when she worked on my base chakra; a couple of dizzy spells (how on Earth you can feel dizzy when layed down I don't know!); a feeling I'd drifted off, possibly even dropped off to sleep, a couple of times during the session but occasionally I caught myself wondering if it was working this time - silly because it obviously was, as I was so relaxed....... it certainly didn't feel like I'd been there a whole hour when the session was over.

It's a bit hard to describe quite how I felt by the end of that session. There weren't as many fleeting images coming to my minds eye as in some, nor was it intense and I didn't seem to get many impressions of anything in the room, other than that initial feeling of someone walking past me..... the only word I could think of to describe it to Aureen was Deep. It made her smile: this time she'd gone for a deep healing, which was why I'd felt dizzy, to help with any residual issues left from my Mum's death. That sort out of her clothes had indicated the time was right for this.

I told her about the feeling of someone walking past and again she smiled and said she wasn't surprised: Archangel's Michael and Rafael were there, helping her. Rafael is the Archangel of Healers and Healing. Michael offers strength and protection and aids with Psychic Awareness..... he was there cutting the strings of negativity as Aureen pulled them from me. Funnily enough I'd had my Oracle Cards out the night before and out came Archangel Michael..... the card was totally relevant (only realised how much so after the session) and I'd called on him for help: if I did have any skills, to please help me develop them and show me what I am supposed to be doing with them in this lifetime. I hadn't told Aureen any of this. Next she told me that when she was working on my third eye the Archangels aided and they placed a tear dropped shape piece of lapis lazuli (scroll down the page), point downwards, onto my third eye - I wasn't to be surprised if I occasionally got the sensation that there's something on my brow, as it was left there. Another jaw dropping moment and some might put it down to the power of suggestion but since, at odd moments, it does feel like there's something on my brow.

She then said that as she was working on me she had a vision of my Mum: she was stood on the top of a green hill with two people stood, one on either side of her (she didn't know who they were). Mum was dressed in a pure white robe and was emanating a beautiful golden glow. She told Aureen that she was well and happy and this was how she was now and that it was now time for me to move on. That got me a touch weepy, so out came the tissues. LOL Unfortunately that also seemed to affect my concentration, so I didn't fully absorb some of what was said next but I do remember that Aureen said that two little cherubs came into the room, which was the first time she'd ever seen them, and they did something to my heart, to help cleanse it, and then filled it with a beautiful pink light. I think another couple of crystals were mentioned but I can't, for the life of me, remember what they were or what significance they had.

As for the trees: I am very firmly grounded in and have a strong connection to Mother Earth, so Aureen wasn't surprised. This comes out again and again whenever she works on my base chakra. Guess I wouldn't be much of a Pagan if I wasn't, now would I? LOL :0)

Aureen did warn me that it was quite possible that I would start to dream of Mum a bit more and probably start thinking back to the events surrounding her death etc and get weepy. I was to go ahead and cry: this wouldn't be the depression but a "good" weepiness, the type that releases, cleanses and allows me to let go. I'd actually had a couple of dreams of her and Dad whilst on holiday, along with some Pagan style dreams, and a couple of times since coming home - all of which had been good and left me feeling positive and happy. I guess my subconcious had already been giving me the messages...... I just hadn't allowed my concious mind to fully process and acknowledge them. I am such a slow learner! Aureen then said that next time she would repeat the same deep healing process for those issues concerning my Dad....... so it looks set to be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride for a little while longer.

Aureen then gave me some really good news, though I'm afraid I was so emotionally blown by this time that it only just registered: she'd "bumped into" several people lately who have previously either attended a former Circle or had expressed an interest in joining one and all have expressed interest in attending one again. The friend who's house she holds the meetings in is currently home (which is why it can't go ahead now) but Aureen was going to see her, to double check that it would be OK for her to continue using it when she goes back to Spain again....... she couldn't see any problems with that. So, the Universe willing, it should all go ahead in September. Yay! It will be good to have that focus and no longer feel like I'm in a limbo state, as is current.

I thanked her and went to pay my dues and, as I'd felt a little dizzy again, sat for a while in reception chatting to Natalie, who was receptionist for the day. Once I felt OK I said my goodbyes and left for a wander down the High Street. My first port of call was, as usual, the Hospice Bookshop followed by a nosey in the newsagent's. I didn't leave empty handed from either as I felt the need for a treat:

I've read the middle book from this range so it'll be good to read the previous story and the follow on from it. And who could resist a stitching magazine that has a cute panda design and free threads attached? Certainly not me! LOL After this I headed off back up the High Street to Tesco Express for a few items then headed home.

Moodwise it has been a bit of a rollercoaster but I'm working through it and know I'll come out of it a much stronger person. Everything happens for a reason and everything follows a cycle. Life, death and rebirth being the greatest cycle of all. :0)

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Julie said...

I have a suitcase of dads treasures, rubbish to most, and often just open it for a look and a memory jogger moment

{{big hug}}