Friday, 23 January 2009


Today (Friday) I made my way down the street for another visit to see my Herbalist. As I'd left with plenty of time to spare I popped into the local sewing shop first, to drop off a pair of jeans that needed mending. I also managed to pick up some squares of felt in Christmas red and green, as well as a rather royal looking purple, all of which will be very useful for finishing ornies in the Prairie Schooler style. :0) As there was still a little time to kill - and I wanted to keep out of the rain - I next headed into the Hospice book shop, where I managed to find.....

Yes, another Barbara Erskine book to add to the pile. LOL Enough time killed, so I headed to Earth Energies.

What a very positive consult it turned out to be! First I gave Jan my food diary sheets and she was really pleased with how my diet was going and the variety of healthy foods I now eat, so it was good to know that is definitely on the right tracks. Next we discussed how my health had been: some days I buzz with energy and get lots done but others aren't so good - on the whole though, there are a number of definite signs of improvement already. Emotionally I feel there are improvements too..... I'm still prone to the occasional off-day but realised whilst discussing it with Jan that I don't seem to be thinking so much of the things that would trigger off bouts of depression/grief/anger. She said I was also coming over as being more confident and positive which, when I mulled it over, I felt was true. Hormonal balance and problems with my monthlies were also talked about and Jan felt this was all linked to the rest: pelvic congestion due to the Candida, which was causing a build up of toxins in my liver - all of which contribute to the high blood pressure etc.

After asking how I felt about tackling the candida and my saying it was time to go for it we discussed how this will be done. The herbal remedy is the first thing: it's now reformulated to include a couple of anti-fungals but will have more herbs to help balance my hormones and to relieve the pelvic congestion and monthly problems. I still have to take 5mg, in water, before each meal but the other remedies are now re-jigged: there's a Chromium Complex tablet after breakfast; then 2 Candaway capsules to take part way through my evening meal (these are full of anti-fungals - a real Candida killer) and the Acidophilus (good bacteria replacement) now has to be taken last thing at night with a glass of milk (has to be taken 2 1/2 hours after the anti-fungal things and can't have it with hot things as they would kill it off, defeating the whole purpose of taking it). It's also the best way of taking them, as it allows everything to work while I'm asleep, so hopefully more toxins and dead Candida will be eliminated first thing. Sounds good to me. I also have to keep my system well flushed through so I have to up my water intake to at least three 500ml bottles full a day and have at least four herbal tea drinks as well. If I thought I was peeing for England before goodness knows what I'll be like after doing that! LOL

Other useful info I got was the name of a coffee alternative (dandelion coffee), which I need to hunt down in a health food store, and details of a proper Candida diet cookery book.

Two other things that Jan did were to weigh me and to take my blood pressure........ and that's where the really good news comes in. When the Nurse at my local GP's weighed me, back when all this first started, I was 15 stone something (can't for the life of me remember those flipping pounds!) and my blood pressure was high and all over the place - so I cut out the take-outs, reduced portion sizes and started eating healthier foods. When Jan got me on the scales on my first visit I'd dropped to 14 stone 9 and my blood pressure reading was 150/97 -whilst the bp was still up those first steps did some good weight-wise. Today, just one month later, my weight was............... drum roll please........... 13 stone 12 and, to cap it all, my bp was down at 136/89. If you add on what I lost before seeing Jan then it has to be at least 1 whole stone lost. How's that for a result? I was so pleased I could have done a Happy Dance all round the consultation room! ROFL

I know there's still a fair ways to go yet and that I will probably feel worse, health-wise, before I feel truly better but this is such a good boost after so much sadness and negativity I can't help but be pleased for now. So please forgive the crowing. LOL

After paying my bill, receiving my new tablets and next bottle of medicine and making the next appointment it was time to tackle another hurdle: a trip even further down the High Street to go to the Post Office and post a couple of parcels. I did it, no problem. :0) On the way home there was a stop off at the grocers to buy some more sugar-free ginger biscuits for DH and some Twinings herbal teas for me - a mix of minty ones this time. A final stop at Tesco for some bits for tea and, as I was celebrating, also treated myself to the latest Cross Stitch Crazy magazine - really couldn't help myself when I saw the Newton chart in there. I'm a sucker for that cute little guy! :0)

After I'd put things away and had my dinner it was time for a trawl on Amazon to find the recommended recipe book:

While I was there I spotted a few more and, after having a good look at them, decided to add this second book to the order as well:

Am hoping they will help me add a few new and interesting meals to my repertoire. ;0) Before all the health problems kicked in I used to really enjoy cooking and baking - it's good to get that enthusiasm for food back, not just for eating it but also for the planning, choosing and cooking. DS enjoys cooking too, so we often potter in the kitchen together, with me doing the prep while he's Chef. It works well - he knows not to give me any lip when I've got a sharp implement in my hand. ;0) LOL

Well that's the end of the news....... and the end of a long and busy day, so that's it for now. Time to be in bed. I had thought we'd be going to the first Mind, Body and Spirit event of the year but realised tonight that I messed up the dates and it was last weekend. Oh well, guess it's the Universe's way of making me save some money and that it's not the right time for another reading. I know Aureen is in at the clinic tomorrow so I may just ring first thing and see if she can fit me in for another Reiki treatment.

Have a good weekend all. :0)


jane said...

Sounds like things are going well Karan - congratulations on the weight loss and that BP reading is excellent too, you semm to be heading in the right direction

Julie said...

How fabulous, i bet you were levitating along the High Street after such great news. I've read that book too LOL

Clare - Aimetu said...

Karan you sounds so cheerful and happy. Your weight loss is brilliant and it is so nice to see you out and about shopping and enjoying things.

What a fabulous way to start 2009, I am so very very happy for you.

Karen said...

well done, on your weight loss and blood pressure